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Pavers & Blocks

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Gagne & Son Pavers & Wall Blocks

Country Cobble, Vintage Cobble, Country Edge, Vintage Edge, Holland Stone, Vintage Holland, Verazzo Wall, Keystone Walls & Arborstone.

Redi-Rock Pavers

We are now offering the Flagstaff Pavers collection from Redi-Rock of Central Maine. One way to making a richly planted or even shaggy yard feel more manicured is to add a smartly design piece of hardscaping. Patios and paths not only define space but also provide the kind of contrast that makes a flower bed or lush lawn pop. If traditional surfacing materials leave you flat, consider concrete pavers from Redi-Rock of Central Maine.

Their Flagstaff paver collection is an excellent choice for your patio and walkway project. They are more affordable than stone, more colorful than brick and more durable than asphalt, and is a practical yet attractive option anywhere on your property.

Each paver is designed with the natural beauty and texture of real bluestone. Our pavers are made right here in Maine from architectural-grade precast concrete which gives them strength and long lasting durability. Our Flagstaff pavers can withstand the forces of weather, water and traffic and will remain beautiful for many years.

We offer two series of pavers to allow you to design the idea patio or walkway appearance. All our pavers are 2” thick and have a slight tapper from top to bottom for easy edge to edge installation with room to apply fine or polymeric sand between the paver joints. Our Flagstaff pavers will bring an elegant and natural stone look to any outdoor living space.

Redi-Scapes Wall Systems

There are many hardscaping materials on the market today. It may be confusing to choose which product is right for you. What truly sets Redi-Scapes® apart from others, is the way Redi-Scapes® combines the texture and colors of natural stone with the structural benefits of architectural precast concrete. Each Redi-Scapes® block is cast in a mold taken from actual quarried stone.

To match the field stone look, Redi-Scapes® blocks are offered in two colors, Borestone Slate Gray and Kineo Ash, and come in a random design pattern to give the appearance of a natural stone wall. Our block system is ideal for building retaining and free-standing walls. With consistent heights and lengths on each block, Redi-Scapes® doesn't require sorting and eliminates the expense of wasted product that is common with natural stone, saving you money on materials and installation costs. With the standard Redi-Scapes® blocks, you can build concave and convex walls, as well as 90 degree corners.

It should also be noted the Redi-Scapes® is the only small block wall system approved by the Maine DOT for municipal use.